the motion of the commute, or another day spent with contemporary art

Maybe I should just come right out and confess right now… like it might be so noticeable in my recent blog posts, I have been on a bit of a contemporary art binge lately. There is just something so calming about art that begs to be interpreted in such abstract yet all encompassing matter… much of it is how as a viewer chooses to understand. Our recent escapade to the Arts District in downtown LA was a commute to the art galleries at Hauser & Wirth… it was disappointing to have missed Paul McCarthy’s massive wooden sculptures depicting Snow White but the exhibition on Brazilian building materials was definitely interesting.

While at the Arts District, we got a chance to sample Salt & Straw‘s halloween flavors.. and that was a revelation.

Sunday, as I was listening to the message talking about enduring grief… I could help but try so hard to mentally note all the profound stuff that was discussed — grief is temporal, but joy is eternal. And right after the service, visiting my Mom’s grave I was awestruck at how beautiful it was there… a place that must in its core overcome sadness and provide a comforting sense of joy to the people visiting. Oddly enough, realizing that a cemetery is for those we lose, but rather for us that remain to live on.

Here is vlog four, one of my longest vlogs yet.

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