My day job involves the graveyard shift, stethoscopes, & Ativan. A self professed dork. Geek chic. Literary escapist. Bon vivant. Vintage soul with modern sensibilities.

A Californian transplant by way of Manila.

I am a steward for a little free library, founder of a public transit book drop based in LA, and a foodie at heart.

On Mondays and off days, I make handmade eclectic jewelry & accessories… just to nourish my creative side.

INFJ in a constantly adapting career path, who believes in remaining childlike. Eclectic, with a slight tinge of the eccentric. That weird kid that has a hard time understanding social cues. Always awkward.

I believe in spreading kindness around like confetti, and that maybe in my own small efforts I can leave this earth better than I found it.