the one where she was in line at the Wiltern

It seems like I haven’t posted here in a while… but been more active on my social media accounts.


But I am back, sorta…. its more like the experience last Friday night at The Wiltern was so life changing that it made me want to blog again. Lucky enough I managed to snag a ticket to Epik High‘s concert in DTLA… one of the last stops of their North American tour this year. It is so meaningful for me since I have been an avid fan of their music since 2009 and missed out on the last time they were in Los Angeles a few years back.


It was definitely a fun night… and I am still at awe at how amazing it was to hear my favorite songs — Love Love Love, Born Hater, and Don’t Hate Me — in person. It is irrevocably so much more emotional hearing it live, when the actual tracks is already impressive. On their social media, they had promised that regardless if you are coming to see them alone or with someone, it will be a great night… which they definitely delivered ten times over.



Prior to the concert, we roamed a bit around Koreatown… had some bulgogi & tofu soup for a late lunch. Also got some albums… GOT7’s Eyes on You and Epik High’s 99 (which has been missing from my collection, oddly enough)

Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you have nightmares?
Are you heartbroken?
Do you feel down?
Depressed, hopeless?
Do you miss someone?
Do you find that things you once enjoyed
No longer interest you?
Are you lonely?
Are you always

More moments from the concert over at my Twitter.

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