the return of #brkfstsqd and a photoshoot in the park

Can you believe it’s already vlog three? Here is a compilation of clips from my Saturday… including a much awaited reunion with the #brkfstsqd with my good friends from work… Maui & Britt as we brunched at Bardonna located in one of LA’s most hipster neighborhoods… Silverlake. We also hit up FrankieLucy Bakeshop which has filipino inspired custard desserts that were ridiculously yummy.

The afternoon was spent with the fam… an early dinner at Young Dong Tofu House in Chino Hills followed by an impromptu photoshoot for my neice Aira, who has an Instagram called @slipperymilkshakes. It was my first time photographing American Girl dolls (and yes, there are legit professional photos taken of these dolls) I think they turned out alright… even though any photography skills I thought I had is already rusty as heck.

Saturday Saturday // VLOG3

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