the one where shades of crimson red…

By now you might have noticed how much I love anything korean beauty / kbeauty… especially lip products (since my last blog post was about lipsticks as well). And this time around it was super exciting to finally get a hold of a few lipstick from Korean makeup brands that I have been eyeing for months…

On the toughest days, I always think to myself that as long as my lipstick in on point… everything will be alright. It is quite amazing to think that something so seemingly miniscule such as your lip color can change the outlook of your day. Even when I am feeling particularly gloomy, a beautifully applied shade can really cheer me up.

How much better is my swatch skills, right?

(So please excuse my apparent lipstick obsession…)

The name of the game are matte lipsticks and here are six of them from well known road shop brands in Seoul —

  • CLIO Mad Matte in Sensual Pepper — amazingly moisturizing formulation with great color payoff. A true matte but applies with no tugging.
  • LUNA Realway Velvet Lipstick in Nudie Brown — a warm nude, slight dry upon application but no tugging. Takes a couple of layers for a true nude look.
  • WakeMake Rouge Gun Zero in Rose Bang — a beautiful rose nude, slightly drying to the lips.
  • Rom&nd Zero Gram Matte Lipstick in All That Jazz — very dry formulation, with a fragile bullet. When I got this in the mail it was broken, and even after I had fixed it, it broke once again as I was trying to swatch the shade. A slight reddish rose shade.
  • Pony Effect Outfit Velvet Lipstick in Someday Somewhere — gorgeous muted brick red, with a warm undertone. Applies smoothly and moisturizing. Pretty good staying power on the lips. The packaging looks very luxurious.
  • Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Soul Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose — pale rose shade. Looks a bit too light for my lips but the formulation is okay. Slight tugging.

It would be so thrilling to have the chance to visit South Korea again and just fill my checked baggage with all things kbeauty.

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