the one where everything was a melody and an emotion…

It started with a blessing. More aptly an after work brunch adventure with my co-worker Tita Concordia… as with our usual, we looked for a new breakfast spot to try after a tiring twelve hour shift. Our pick was The Benediction by Toast located in a strip mall in City of Industry.

The Perfect Avocado

I settled with a toast called The Perfect Avocado which was this large thick piece of bread, topped graciously with creamy mashed avocado and sunny side up egg. The sides were bacon slices and hashbrown chips… which honestly were ridiculously addicting. It always comforting getting a bit of time after the shift to rant and destress… considering our job is challenging as much as it is emotionally exhausting.

Sunday was an experience in itself… a visit to my Mom’s grave, then church. The highlight was definitely heading over somewhere in Hollywood to a small intimate venue called The Fonda. It was at this historic spot that I got the oppotunity to listen to the The Rose, a korean rock band that I have been slowly following in the past year after hearing one of their singles — Sorry.

Seeing this marquee after an almost three hour line… yaas.

They say that bands, especially those doing rock with live instruments are meant to be heard live… Wholeheartedly I can agree, since the pure adrenaline from each band member has this effortless effect on your soul, especially this kpop loving soul right here. My favorite Woosung (Sammy), their vocalist drifted through each set like each swishy movement of his hands are simply a melodic visual to the obvious control he has over his voice. Both powerful yet emotional, each song was a hundred times better than listening to a studio version. I just didn’t expect my bias wrecker to be Jaehyeong, their bassist whose mere standing caused screams from the Black Roses (their fandom name) in the pit. I had also mistaken their drummer, Hajoon to be the maknae (youngest) because he was adorable… but nope it was “visual” Jaehyeong who was the maknae. Dojoon (Leo) was dorky and fun to listen to with his New Zealand accent laced english, moving thru each of their sets.

Props to the lighting director because the stage was simple yet beautiful.

This was probably the closest I have been to a kpop group that I like… eventhough I had GA tickets, the venue was small enough that I was a mere few feet away from the stage… which made the whole listening experience a lot more intense. Their transition between melancholy to upbeat songs was something that is just hard to describe in words. It made me fall in love with their discography even more and envious that those living in Seoul can easily see them busking (live street performances) while international fans like me would have to wait until they decide to have another world tour.

I am beyond excited because this upcoming weekend we will be seeing DAY6 live at The Novo. It is their last North American stop in the Gravity World Tour and might just be the last kpop concert I will get to attend this year. It has been a good run though, 2019… with GOT7‘s Keep Spinning Tour this past summer, the concert at KCON with Stray Kids, N Flying, Mamamoo & Seventeen, and more recently The Rose.

Do you hear me?
아파도 아픈 티 안내는 너
끝이 보이는 게 너무 두려워
너의 눈엔 이미 생기가 없어 노우워어
She’s dying inside
She wants to think that it’s a lie why why
애타게 불러봐도 대답이 없네
쏟아지는 빗방울
In the rain rain rain

She’s in the Rain — The Rose

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