the one when the pretty shades made her slightly brave

Yesterday I was going through some of my makeup and realized the sheer amount of lip products that I have. Some have said that it is addictive to purchase lipsticks and the like because it corresponds to a mood, the feeling of the day.

BLK Two Tone Matte Lippie in Lily & Dandelion, Sunniesface Fluffmatte in Major & Girlcrush

Sometimes you want to look muted, prim and delicate with a pale pinkish nude lip. There are days that you can’t be bothered so you throw on a lip tint. There are distinct moments where you choose to wear a bold red lip, because even for a second you just want to be brave.

My stash of NYX lipsticks, with a few Revlons, Twofaced and MAC.

These days its been my little source of comfort, knowing that just a little bit of myself feels pretty. Actually I have been more consistent about wearing makeup at work… which is something I did not really do because there is just way to much running around that its hard to keep my face from turning to an oily gross mess. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying…

There were a few times when coworkers or even a patient would complement me and it was just a bright burst of joy into my otherwise hectic twelve hour shift. It made me realize how much I was in need of some good vibes.

We all need to feel pretty somedays. Somedays I do it with a bright hot pink lip tint.


  • Sunniesface Fluffmatte in Girlcrush
  • Tonymoly Liptone Get It Tint Waterbar
  • Peripera Ink Velvet


  • 3CE Mood Recipe in Mellowflower, Step & Go, Moon

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